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Our Initiatives


We don’t leave equipment turned on when not in use   

How? We have ‘switch off’ stickers on appliances, light switches and we use timers. We also include this in staff training.

We use low energy light bulbs   
How? 80% of our light fittings are low energy bulbs, focusing on frequently used areas.   


Fax machine doesn’t print hard copies
How? Electronically sent to Duty Manager’s email, who deciphers who it is for, and forwards it electronically to intended recipient.  Only guest faxes are printed out.   

Recycling Awareness on Staff Noticeboards and “hot” areas   
How? We have reminder notes in our Staffroom and on our Back of House doors and walls to remind our staff of our recycling.
Staffroom single serves reduced   
How? We have replaced with bulk items, eg butter, tomato sauce, jam.   

Front Office recycle paper for notepaper   
How? Cut into squares for notes to each other.   

Recycle Paper
How? Paper sort boxes in every office. Labelled Recycle or Reuse: Reuse box is printed on again for internal reports. Recycle box is sent to recycle bins, not Landfill.    

Photocopier is automatically programmed to print double sided   
How? Unless the user specifically requests the print to be single sided, all printing is automatically double sided.   

Recycle Bags in rooms   
How? Guests are encouraged to recycle paper, glass and plastic by using degradable bags supplied specifically for recycling.  Housekeepers then put bag into the multi mix recycle bins.   

Recycle Bins and Multi mix   
How? Encourages recycling, as resources can be mixed, and all recycled together.   

Power Factor Correction Equipment   
How? This piece of equipment saves power by controlling power spikes caused by the starting amperage draw of large equipment.
By controlling power spikes and regulating surges (from external sources), this minimises disruption/damage to sensitive equipment.   

Gas Burner Management System
How? We have two domestic hot water boilers and one for heating the Pool and Spa Pool.  Fitted with a Gas Control Unit that regulates the cycle of the burn to reduce gas usage. We expect 7% energy savings annually as a minimum savings. In addition to these savings we have the added benefit of less maintenance and wear on equipment for the installation of the Virtual Energy Burner Management Unit.    

In the process of replacing Thermostat control units in rooms    
How? We have set the temperature range to between 16o and 26o, which reduces the load on the chiller unit, reducing power and requirement of electric heating elements.     


We supply degradable bags in all accommodation rooms    
How? We encourage our guests to use bag to recycle plastic, glass, cans and paper to help reduce domestic waste going to landfill.   
Internal documents printed on recycled paper   
How? We print on the reverse side of printed matter – a tray in our photocopiers has been designated for this purpose
Email Tag Line    
How? All emails carry the Tag Line “Please consider the environment before printing this email”.   

Staff payslips delivered electronically   
How? Our staff have the option to receive their weekly payslip electronically, and currently around 70% use this facility.
Recycle and Reuse paper boxes   
How? All offices have separate boxes for recycling and reusing their paper.  With the exception of sensitive material which is sent for shredding.   

Housekeeping cloths
How? Tea towels/linen/towels that are not up to scratch for Rooms are used by HK staff for cleaning.   

Toilet Rolls – partial rolls used for staff   
How? Partially used rolls are taken out of Accommodation rooms and used in Staff Bathrooms.   

Cardboard Rubbish is all broken down    
How? Cardboard is compacted and as much as possible is put into bins to reduce collections.
Limited print run of physical brochures   
How? We encourage people to follow links to the online versions of our brochures.   

Thyme Restaurant menus printed on 100% recycled paper   
How? Our Lunch/Dinner menus are printed on 100% recycled paper, and are then donated to a local Daycare Centre for the children to use the back.   

Any equipment/effects replaced donated to needy causes
How? Where beds/linen/pillows/stock cannot be used internally, and are of good enough quality to be of use, we donate these items to local causes.
Lost property to Cancer collection points
How? Once Lost Property has been identified as unclaimed and unwanted, the clothing is taken to the clothing bins and any other appropriate goods are donated to Hospice.
Most bills paid online to reduce paper wastage and carbon imprint 

How? To reduce paper, envelopes and postage, where possible bills are paid online.
Books left behind are available for future guests
How? Any books left are put into the Library Bar collection for guests to use.  
All printer toners are recycled   
How? When the box is filled they are donated to a local school who send them off and receive a donation.
Kitchen fat – Bio Fuel   
How? The used deep frying oil is sold to a recycling company.   

Invoices sent electronically   

How? Where possible, most invoices are sent out electronically.   


  • Public bathrooms on water sensors        
  • High pressure low volume roses        
  • Pool covers         
  • Watering system on rain sensor        


  • Two Pohutukawa Trees on property      

  • TBBA – Executive Board member        
  • Rotary Member     
  • NHC        

Sponsorship of local events for raffles   
How? Accommodation vouchers supplied for raffles etc.   

Sponsorship of room hire onsite  
How? Conference Room Hire charges waived for various community groups.
Support of Education School Programmes   

How? We supplied twenty students from North Shore based schools (11 from Gateway Programme, 6 from Queens and 3 from NSIE) with work experience for one day a week over a 20 week period.

TBBA Stand in Hotel Lobby   
How? All Takapuna based businesses are welcome to advertise their companies with a DLE brochure in the Foyer stand which is monitored regularly.
Daffodil Day, Anzac Day Supporters   
How? We display and sell both Daffodil and Poppies to our staff, guests and visitors from our front counter.

Kitchen Internship programme   

How? We currently have two full time Apprentices working without our Kitchen department.

Recycled paper sent for children to use    
How? Any paper that cannot be reused in the Hotel (too large, too small) is sent to local Day Care Centres and Primary Schools for the children to use.

How? Periodically newspapers are saved and sent to local Day Care Centre (for the Rabbits) and Primary Schools for art work    

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